Much Needed Improvements

  1. Thrall/Pet A.I. Rework - Pet and Thrall A.I. is borderline broken for the solo player right now. Thralls especially OFTEN bug under the map during combat, refuse to fight with certain weapons, run off instead of fighting with you when set to "follow"ect - SO - For the meantime until Funcom Devs can thoroughly look into this - ADD “stances” onto our thrall wheel next to “place thrall” and “follow”, the stances being - “Passive” ( will NOT attack or defend even when you or it is attacked), “Defensive” ( Will ONLY attack if you or your thrall is attacked) and “Aggressive” (Will attack ANYTHING that is within range, even BEFORE it or you are attacked)

  2. Poison Rework - In the least, allow us to be able to put a stack of poison ON our TOOLBAR and function similar to ARROWS - after unsheathing a compatible weapon, press the number key corresponding to where on the toolbar is to apply a single application of 10 poison charges to a compatible weapon.

  3. Add “Access Lists” to player-owned entities such as locked chests, doors, ect - so for example, if you join a clan, and YOU place a box down, after locking it you can set specific permissions for THAT individual box, so ONLY you could access it, the whole clan, or specific players within the Clan. This would also apply to structures you build, the default setting of which would NOT allow clan member to demolish or access entities YOU place without YOUR permission and vice-versa.

  4. Anything you have built or placed prior to joining a clan, with suggestion number 3, will REMAIN yours after you leave or are kicked unless you change the permissions on these items to allow the Clan to access them.

  5. If you Voluntarily LEAVE a clan when there are still other members in the clan you are blocked from joining another clan for 24 real hours.


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  1. yes please!
  2. interesting… would this have a animation to prevent this from being abused in combat?
  3. security? why not! always a good thing to have more control!
  4. truly needed… but how will structures that had had multiple builders work? if these are automatically clan property what’s to stop a griefer clan from inviting someone and placing a single block then kicking them… I can’t think of any way to counter that…
  5. not sure about this one… seems like a hassle for no reason… i’d like to see a “previous clans” list to see where a player was before…
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