Multiple bugs Conan Exiles - now uninstalled for good

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I purchased Conan Exiles on xbox store just last month, it was on sale at £13 down from £44. I nearly actually purchased the bigger much more expensive packages on there but so glad I did not. Purely down to bugs.

I have put many hours in to the game as a solo player pve both offline and online, bugs happened the same in both. I am on Xbox one s with loads of free memory.

Most of these are well known from what I can see, but I will outline all of my experiences which may show many things have not been fixed or improved despite me downloading just last month:

  1. the opening cinematic scene lags and freezes in places but eventually I can skip it

  2. I have been thrown out back to xbox desktop endless times. Noticed it mainly in jungle and highlands but still all over regardless

  3. NPCs are invisible completely or just their weapons randomly loading up, in all places on the map

  4. In various places on the map I fall through the floor into a sky with a long drop into nothing before dying and spawning in the starter desert

  5. In my base and other settlements in the game, furniture, objects, people do not load up properly or takes time, they just look like fuzzy blobs for a while

  6. whole landscapes in near distance do not load up properly, they just look like solid blocks of colour or fuzz, until I get a lot closer

I have several games on xbox and never in my life played a game with so many bugs. I tried to work with it and play with the bugs but ultimately I have given up now, I cannot fully enjoy it. Now it has been uninstalled for good and I will be moving on.

Such a shame as it has great potential as a game and could have easily become my favourite, being something I would have paid more money out on with expansion packs etc. But it is ridiculously buggy, I am quite shocked but thankful I only paid £13.

If in future this game is fixed properly for xbox I may come back, but until then good luck.

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@JimmyLondon I sure can understand your frustration . Conan-Exiles has not worked properly on Xbox for quite some time now . I play on ps4 and it is actually playing rather smoothly of late a few weird things nothing game breaking. PC having issues with the new updates. Once the parity patch for consoles comes out hopefully in a couple months game should run properly on Xbox and you can download it again. Good Luck and Gaming!

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It is shocking they have been allowed to sell a game with so many issues, there must be minimum quality standards before games can be released. I would have been angry if paid full price, can take it more as paid only £13 in the sale. It has put me off funcom though, unlikely to ever buy a title from them again.

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You are not the first Xbox player to say that. It is a shame that you had to find out the hard way. You would not know to check the Forum before for you buy a game. I believe it was the last update that broke it for Xbox. @Community any chance of a hint of a time frame for a Xbox fix? A side note I have seen alot of new PS4 players starting Conan-Exiles in the past weeks I check the player lists on the server’s we play on.

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No word, cause no time frame, too busy on Isle dlc. They got update 1 6 21. And guess what, they have lag so bad now, it’s un playable. Sound familiar? Bet they get a fix before we do. And we have 5 month head start on issue. And I never bet, but would bet on that. They dont care about xbox. Just get Isle dlc to console so we can focus on next rip off Dune.

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Welcome too the club bro the club of never ending crashes and bugs this game has more bugs than a crack house next time you buy a game do some research before buying

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FC gets away with CE on the XB marketplace due to the hidden disclaimer in the eula. There they notify you that the game has been released in an ‘incompleted’ state.
It should be made clear that FC does not intend to ‘complete’ the XB version of CE, ever.

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Its gettin better and better. Now even people say they quit in their very first post. What a sad feedback for funnycom…

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