Multiple Saves and More

Love the game! Some suggestions that would make me love it more:

  • Ability to have multiple saves. I want to be able to create different characters with different religions to play and build in different ways. I tried saving my game to the online storage and created a new game but I screwed it up I guess and lost it. I was so pissed.

  • Half Square Wall, Ceiling and Foundation Pieces (in half diagonally). The wedges are cool, but half square triangles would be awesome to have as well.

  • Ability to edit character name.

  • In Skyrim there’s a back alley plastic surgeon which is their answer to changing character appearance. In Conan, a vanity table that you put dyes and other ingredients in would be cool to change certain features like hair, mouth and eyes.

  • Another cool Skyrim feature is that all objects can be decoration. Would be fun to have food on tables in Conan. I created a farm stand, but it’s a table full of empty baskets and bowls. While exploring, I found sacks full of fruit that can’t be interacted with. Those would be nice decorate with at least.

  • A bookshelf or scroll nook. The ones in the archives are cool. Would love smaller versions.

  • WAY better organization of the crafting menu. One huge list with the ability to “grey” out certain items is weird. Having a search would be more helpful. Or items sorted by type on different pages

  • Would be cool to adjust the size of hips/butt on the female character. We already can do desired boob size. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for reading!


I would recommend using @Mikey’s Toolbox for that, it works great:


Adjustable hips and butt sizes would be nice. I love Frank Frazetta‘a art style, so this in game would be awesome. :+1:t2:

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