Multiple server crashes, shutdowns and restarts - Server Reset?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: South America

In the day 22/01/2019, in the night, multiple server shutdowns and restarts started to occur. Don’t know if these are official restarts to fix some bugs, or if it is a bug by itself.
I play mostly at server #1977. This server is taking a long time to come back after shutdowns.
The shutdowns are very frequent and fast. After the server comes back, it shutsdown after mostly 10min.
With this situation, its impossible to play…

Besides that, at 22:39 BST, my friend entered the server and got to the Character creation HUD, looks like the server got reseted… What is happening? Are the server being reseted? Will we lose everything we did?

I’m looking foward for fast awnsers.
Thanks for the support!

Everybody on #1977 got reseted. All back to character creation and all buildings destroyed…

Hey there,

G-Portal has been moving some server locations to improve overall performance. Maintenance should be over for all servers involved except for server 1977, which is still under maintenance.
We apologize for the inconveniences this situation may have caused.

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