Multiple spawns of animals/npcs instead of one

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

Animals and NPC’s that normally spawn just one, now may spawn two or three.
Examples are:
elephants around Swagger Rock
New Asagart Thralls
Hyena encounters
Wolf encounters
It doesn’t seem to happen always but quite often it does.
With elephants it looks like as if they spawn on top of each other. Once player closes in they will spread out.
Same with Thralls, from distance looks like one, when you get close two more may “jump” out of the first one.
I have asked on Steam if others are seeing this and I’m not the only one(but I can’t link here :-/):

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Go to Swagger Rock and check the elephants. Or go to New Asagarth and clean the village, you will very likely see it.

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I have the same bug…
It’s annoying

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I’m on a private server, single player and know what you mean, but mine is not a bug, just my own fault.

Since I am admin I play with the NPC respawn rate when farming a location. Setting it to 0.6 or increasing it to 1.5 ends up causing some kind of overlap. Sometimes going into a camp I find a 4-spawn and that gets a bit hairy :stuck_out_tongue:

The only local fix I have found (if wanting to fix it) is to reset the respawn rate to 1.0 (Settings/Server Settings/Combat/NPC Respawn Multiplier) and restarting the server. Often I like having a higher chance to get that elusive named crafting thrall :slight_smile:

If on a private server someone has likely messed with that and may want to try the above (YMMV since it still happens sometimes).

If on a public server the devs/server admins will need to deal with it.

Good luck !

PS: you didn’t mention which server you play on :slight_smile:

Good for steel harvesting at New Asagarth though :joy:

Not there yet, but thanks for the clue !

I saw something like that in mine.

Hi there, this one is known and is even on the Trello board. Kinda annoying but kinda makes it exciting sometimes ha ha.

Where I play i son first line:
Game mode: Single-player

Fixed a bug where knocking out an NPC and letting them bleed to death would cause the NPC to respawn double

That’s probably just one of possibly other reasons to why NPC’s will spawn double. I can tell you in my single player tests I use for creating mods, of which I don’t have a single building piece on the map in some cases, and thus I haven’t knocked out any NPCs, that I see double Thralls spawn all the time and have since the Pet’s patch in October.

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