Murdered into a Gender Bender

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***After I accidentally walked into an enemy NPC encampment, I was murder, having low health at the time, and when I respawned, I was a completely different gender. When from a black haired Khitan female to a white haired…I don’t know, Cimmerian, male. What happened?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have low health
  2. Walk into an enemy encampment
  3. Get murdered
  4. Respawn with strange new genitals

Having messed with a lot of customization mods, the white haired male thing is what happens when your character layout structure gets reset to all zeroes.

Aside from mods I’ve only seen that happen once due to that bug with loadscreens on a new character after your previous character spoilered out.

I had this happen one time to the thralls; all archers, fighters and the one in the crafting stations became male, with white hair. Although the situation fixed itself after restarting the game.