Mutant Year Zero Fanart Contest Winners


Hey Stalkers! We want to thank everyone who participated in our recent fanart contest. We got some really amazing entries. :slight_smile: You are all incredibly talented!! We will be contacting the winners about their prize. You can see them here as well as the names and backstories some of their creators have given them. If you are the artist behind any of these, feel free to reply to this thread! You can include your artstation or website link as well.

One Eyed Zoe


Created by Ryan. You can see their incredible gallery here.



You can read their fantastic backstory here. Here’s a taste of it:

During his travel through the wastes, Preem found a peculiar device - the Sony Walkman. A machine that spoke to him and weaved stories from nothingness. He kept it secret, listening it every night for comfort and scouring through junk on the regular for the metallic AA tubes that refilled its whispers.


Created by Henry


This drawing and backstory was created by Björn.
You can read her detailed backstory here which includes how she got her name. Here’s a great sample:

In the open she used her sensitive hearing to localize others and realized she made a hell of a noise limping through the terrain. She learned that the hard way as someone spotted her and shot off a piece of her ear and tusk, barely making it out alive. She solved it by wearing a wooden shoe which has the right height to even out the length difference and thus making her basically soundless moving around.

The Berserk Brothers

Created by Björn Barends. See their gallery here.

Thanks again for participating! Everyone has some incredible talent and we’d love to do more contests in the future. :heart:


Frick yeah! And no kidding - the submitted art for this contest was awesome.

I watched the VOD of the stream - and I have only played the Mutant roleplaying game like once when I was studying game development, but the setting itself and my weird “grumpy man who reluctantly designs shoes for mutants” character I tried to play stuck with me, so when MYZ: Year Zero popped up years later - I had to try it. It’s a great game, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of it!

Oh and that reaction on the stream Nicole! Brightened my day!
It was a lot of fun to draw, but honestly even more fun to write that dorky backstory! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow didnt expect Peanuts to be shown above. Glad she made it past the judges.

I made small adjustments to the backstory in this post which you could link to instead of posting the whole backstory.


Hi, Greeting. Name’s Wison. I’m the artist behind “One Eyed Zoe”.

I haven’t played the game yet. When I happen watching youtube about this game, I immediately like the design, the aesthetics of the world and the characters in Mutant Year Zero. So I occasion follow the contest and having lots of fun making that character. Never crossed in my mind that it getting chosen. I’m afraid the stories I write is just somewhat too wacky :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Too bad I miss the stream because different time zone :sweat_smile:

Also congratulation for the other as well. I read the stories and all pretty good and interesting background :smile:

Edited : Thanks, Nicole. the link works now :slightly_smiling_face:



Well you did an amazing job! :slight_smile: You should be able to add a link now. Brand new users can’t add pictures or links; this is to prevent any potential spammers. I edited your forum account though so you can now! Congratulations again!

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