Peanuts the Mutant Elephant


This is Peanuts. She got her name growing up in Eden due to it was the only thing she would eat. It is also the only word she can say due to an error in her brain. Even that Eden had dual independent energy sources the ancients somehow lost power while creating her. Once they got the power back up it was too late, the damage was already done. Both the Broca´s area of the brain with functions linked to speech production and the right leg didn’t fully evolve. Each mutant surviving the process is seen as a success, but the ancients still felt guilty over what happened thus they made sure Peanuts always got some peanuts included in her lunch which eventually became the only thing she would eat. The other mutants got jealous and in addition that she limped due to her right leg being a little bit shorter than the left leg they started teasing and calling her Peanuts.

It took hard on Peanuts and she always felt alone in Eden and when it did fall, she avoided other survivors to be left on her own. She sought refuge in an old cellar fight gym and barricaded herself in. There was plenty of untouched food in the old robust vending machines as she was the first of many other before her to succeed to take out the food due to her long and flexible trunk. It wasn’t peanuts but she had to eat whatever she could find. “Estrella jordnötsringar” weren’t that bad.

She had always been by her own, but she had never been alone. She realized she had to take care of herself now and do something to be able to fend for herself once she was forced to leave to survive. After searching through the old fight gym and trying out every equipment she could find she befriended the num-chuk and baseball bat. Or as the calls them Peanuts and Peanuts.

In the open she used her sensitive hearing to localize others and realized she made a hell of a noise limping through the terrain. She learned that the hard way as someone spotted her and shot off a piece of her ear and tusk, barely making it out alive. She solved it by wearing a wooden shoe which has the right height to even out the length difference and thus making her basically soundless moving around. Combined with her multiple close combat skills she effectively ambushes ill willing characters without notifying the surrounding. A ninja elephant.

Mutant Year Zero Fanart Contest Winners
Mutant Year Zero Fanart Contest Winners