Pet Bird Feat Naming

I was amused with the title of one of the feats birds get when leveling. I am not sure how it sounds in Norwegian, but in English, at least this part of the world, “Nasty P ecker”, is just wrong… rofl. :rofl:

I must find this bird and gain this feat…

English is a funny language.
It’s just a word, a colloquialism, is a woodpecker a dirty bird?

In America a bum is a lazy person, in the UK you sit on it.
A UK bisket is a US cookie. Chips in the UK are Fries in the US

the same word can have different meanings depending where you are.
in some parts of the southern united states, a spider is another name for a small frying pan.

also this game is rated mature, and double entendres are allowed, and intended.


You never found Bessie’s Bow and read the description, did you?

In Ophir lives a pretty lass, With hair of shining gold, her rounded breasts and supple ■■■, would make a weak man bold.

Her suitors came from all the world, expectin’ to be shunned, But Bessie was a gen’rous girl, She did them, every one!

All day and night they heard the cries, Of Bessie in her bed, And men were dropping off like flies, She’d ridden 'em to dead.

Now came the Priest of Mitra, And the girl he did beseech, Stop with all this wickedness, Just listen to me preach

But Bessie was a peacemaker, She didn’t want to fight, She acted as a horse breaker, And rode that priest all night.

The priest would not be beaten back, His heart would not give way, Though Bessie sought to drain his sack, He’d shoot throughout the day.

And then together they each found, The one that they had sought, In marriage were they solemn bound, Together they were caught.

The priest and girl they took their vow, And shaved their hair away, Let this be used to string a bow, And may it shoot all day!

lol… I have found the bow, never read the description.
Funny, there is a npc archer named Bessie…….
Anyways, interesting sense of humour, I have to give them that. It was an amusing title just thought to share it. =)

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