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I have a base that is just the coffer. All the treasure is in a building set up specifically for the expected Stygian army raid.

I received a message from a genius who threatened to report my thrall name as offensive. That name? Dick Butkus. Many of you who know the NFL are laughing right now.

I mean, one of the most feared linebackers in sports history would not be amused by this. If he was not from the US, I would excuse this, but he is.

I would have thought that Gale Sayers, Roger Staubach, and Franco Harris would have given him a clue.


I would report you for not having a thrall named Bubba Smith.

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Do the rules on your server say anything about the use of real people’s names? Thats actually a real concern because other games DO have rules against that.

People not knowing that Dick is actually a proper name in English… :catnobanana:

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Hihihihihi, he just said Dick! :crazy_face:


One of my favorite lines from a Hamish MacBeth novel (as decided by my inner teenager): “He really liked Dick, but he also wanted to get married one day.” (In a context where a male police officer was pondering the merits and drawbacks of having a colleague as a roommate.)

English is hardly a unique language in turning people’s names into naughty words. The Finnish male name Jorma has a similar colloquial meaning as Dick in English, for example, and the male name Tero is used as a colloquial expression for the tip of the “jorma”.

Dirty minds think alike, no matter what your native language is, it seems.


And then you can have a combo of an average first name and an average last name like Richard Johnson.

Bubba is on the left side of the building. He’s next to Joe Greene.


I haven’t read anything anywhere that states you can’t use celebrity/sports names.

Now, if the intention were to be disrespectful, I would agree that it is in bad taste. I am merely acknowledging the players I watched as a kid, except Butkus and YA Tittle were before I was aware of the game. Most are named for a player who changed the game at their position, or were just so good I believed they had to be included. Jerry Rice is a later era player, but he was the best, and I’ve met him, so he’s included.

My full roster:
Dick Butkus
YA Tittle
Roger Staubach
Joe Greene
Bubba Smith
Franco Harris
Ray Guy
Gale Sayers
Jim Brown
Jerry Rice
Larry Csonka

On the fence for Fran Tarkenton, Bob Griese, and Archie Manning. Manning was one of the best QBs to ever play, but he had the misfortune of playing for some of the worst teams in history.


Lyle Alzedo?

Gil Cogdill?

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If there’s Jerry Rice there must be Joe Montana too. Together they owned the NFL, separated they were just the best ever player at their position. Though since that time Montana was left behind by Tom Brady.

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No LT, Payton or Howie?

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Well, now there will be. I never met him, but our 9th grade coach was the other back with Walter Payton in high school. We used to watch old game film after our season was over.

Montana was Montana, but Jerry Rice re-defined the position, after Steve Largent set the standard with 100 TDs.

YA Tittle was a trailblazer. Ray Guy did things no punter should ever be able to do. Of the guys currently at the base, Franco and Csonka could probably be re-named. I used Csonka because…it’s spelled Csonka.

I could use Tom Dempsey, because I don’t have any FG kickers, and a dude with one hand and half a foot who held the record for the longest field goal for 40 some odd years deserves some attaboys.

I could also give the head guys a shot…George Halas, Paul Brown, Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Hank Stram, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll.

Problem is, there is a thrall limit.

and this pops in my mind


Saw one race car driver and his name was dick tinkles

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Yeah Dick is short for Richard.

I went to school with somebody called Richard Head. You can imagine the hard time he got at school. His father was also called Richard so must have been through it too and decided it was “character building” or something. Messed up!

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Here’s exactly where the problem is. Communication!
Funcom gave a tool to players, when they see harassment or any other violation to make a report. So some people, they love to use this tool even for things that annoys them, but not the game generally!
These reports that’s really in the line of the Grey area can create frustration to all, even to the employees of Zendesk. Most of the people that work in there probably are computer wizards and have no clue about athletic names or nicknames. If this employ think to Google this name and find out what it means, it will still have to be on his-her judgment how to proceed! So no matter how i am all the way with you @speedice and probably every single player in here, this won’t save you! I won’t tell you to change the names, it’s your call to take your chances!
Further i believe that the progress in the Zendesk system would be a maximum number of reports from players in a specific timeline. There are some people who really abuse this right, sending multiple reports even about the same issues, creating collision to the system. So i believe that they should pull the breaks to the ones that abuse this system, with an automated message…
“You exceed the number of reports for this month”.
We all know and see that they are really great issues out there that Zendesk must focus. So for the people who don’t respect and don’t care for anything else but their self, a break must exist and why not a small penalty too.
Multiple times said!
Zendesk is and must be the last option. It’s online gaming and people SHOULD find a way to communicate and understand each other before any other action.
My friendly advise? Start to communicate ONLY with good will, no matter if the other player action is causing you frustration.
My choice?
It’s not the correct one but it’s mine! When the server is trolled, i remove my self from it. I am a guest too. Hopefully Funcom has hundreds i can go and play!

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I play several other games with a report system and you’re right about the fact most people just spam report when they don’t like something.

At the very least, Zendesk does not appear to be fully automated!
Because one PvP game I play has a fully automated report system, and if you get reported enough times in a specific period of time you get muted/suspended/banned. The only things that 100% prevent you from getting banned are:
• Not playing :notlikethis:
• Not using the chat, because as long as you don’t send a message reports will have no effect on you :partying_face:

On the other hand, if you use the chat and play often enough, you will get reported even if you’re just giving legitimate advice, and the system does not care about the content as long as you have sent a message during the game :catnobanana:

Anyways, for Conan, I say report people who are clearly cheating (like if you find a fly-base, use your bat to get there and screenshot their bed to get the name) without prior discussion, but for all other cases yeah people should try to talk before reporting.

Imagine if IRL people went to the police for every small thing that disturbs them… What a mess :rat:

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