Maybe not the most important but pretty cool

So we all know about the level 4 thralls and how they are bigger then the average thrall but once you enslave them they become smaller

Same with the antediluvian elephant from the isle of siptah for some reason it is significantly smaller then its parents and or family

Sooo…my suggestion is can we get the true sizes of the one’s we obtain thrall and pet wise!

Thank you for reading exiles

Ahh yes a big tall giant female fighter thrall that I can name “ Death By Snoo Snoo “ I like this idea :+1:t2:

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I believe that the problem will be with doors, tight locations and dungeons. I was using scorpion qween as pet for some time - and i would say that it wasn’t the best experience. Espesialy at Black Tower - at start she had problems to get into some places, was blocking way and in the end she bugged soewhere under dungeon.

So in the end i was suposed to fight Tyros 1v1 with authority build. Ouch.

Yeah i see how that could be a problem but usually some of the creatures limbs kinda swoosh through the wall anyways and usually recalling your companion and kinda just running a bit further does spawn them