[Suggestion] Animal rework/rebalance

Small suggestion regarding non humanoid thralls (aka animals):

Change all mounts and animals to be of the same category of follower. That is to say, you can have a humanoid thrall and an animal, which may or may not be a mount.

  1. Generally, have a list of all pluses animals might have:
    +Expanded inventory space (+1 row beyond initial)
    +Can be ridden
    +Gives a status effect
    +No hit box (can walk through, like alligators)
    +ranged/special attack (spiders, Queen, elephant AoE)
    +Gives insulation bonus (don’t think this exists yet)
    +has increased HP
    +has increased damage(etc)

  2. Same deal, but negatives
    -Large size (-1 in large, like a horse, maybe -2 for elephant/rhino)
    -Passive (will not fight)
    -Noisy (makes excess noise, making it aggro stuff easily even if you are sneaking…and human players can easily hear it)

From here, each animal companion has 1 plus, with additional pluses for every negative.

For example, Elephant has 3 additional rows of inventory, (+3), AoE (+1), but it is very big (-2) and noisy (-1) for a total of +1.

Why? Well honestly, I don’t really like using a horse or rhino mount, and would rather a pet to adventure with. Or an elephant that I can use like an RV for cross country adventures and storage space. As is I keep a horse or rhino but rarely put a saddle on it. I just want that mobile storage! Or an excuse to use my battle cat buddy.

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