Mutant Year Zero (PC) crashes while starting on my

today steam updated MYZ ever since I can not start it.
I tried uninstalling but the problem remains.

It launches into the Unreal Screen and then I guess after/while leaving it it crashes back into Windows.

Can anyone help? I’d like to play Seed of Evil.

I fixed it.
To do so I had to uninstall it.
Then I manually removed the remainings of the folders

After reinstalling it worked.


I did that, passed the intro, played mission 1, started crashing on mission 2, any other workaround? Just want to play the DLC…

I’m only on the base game I got through EGS and I had constant crashes (couldn’t even get through the intro movies)

What fixed it for me (so far, only about 20min ingame) is renaming/deleting the Oculus folder in “…\MutantYearZeroRTE\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty”

Edit: crashed again after about 2 hours.

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