My base disappear

Hello, I was playing on official PVE server and my small house 3x3 disappeared. Day before I logged out like every other day in my house but today I have logged in at the desert with all the items I had. I said okay, let’s just go back. But when I was on the spot there was nothing. I would like to add that one day before someone placed random foundations around my house. Also the day before I started to build another base in the north that still exist but it is just some foundations and walls so I lost all the time and items I had. The log says nothing about what happened like nothing happened…

Welcome on the forum , I’ll ask you the basics questions first : are you aware of decay timmers ? ( anything you build on an official server has a decay timmer ( the bigger your base is the more time it will have before decay) up to 166 hours ( outside of holidays special timmer of 333 h ~ ) maximum . you can check said timmer by equiping a repair hammer or pressing tab near any piece of building. Also to share the timmer every building pieces must be connected , if there is a separation between 2 small shacks (ie) it is possible that they don’t act like a single building and will have different decay timmers .
also , when you try to show up your event log , you can tweak the parameters ( like max distance ) and tick the boxes that you want the information of to appear , in your case you would want to set the distance to maximum , (the more centered on the map you are the more it will show since it’s a circle area around you ) and tick the “construction” ( or building ) box , and hit submit . (also sometimes changing the language to english can show more information than your original language i had a greater elephant killed by a jaguar , but in french it only showed greater elephant has been killed by “thief” and in english it was “jaguar” )

as you are in PVE , there is no building destruction by others , but someone else purge may destroy your base ( I am thinking here of the part where you said that someone started building next to you ) but this would show up in the event log , as " [Typeof] fundation has been destroyed by [ npc/annimal ] " .

I am sorry for your losses , and hope my message can help :wink:

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