My Conan Exiles Fan-Art Gallery


hey @blanca12 no prob, click on your profil ( top right), click on the mail icon, New message on left, @ the user and it will be find the name auto, write your message and send. peace


That is some crazy amazing looking art work right there!! Can I have it please!!


Thank you @Slade you rock! really appreciate. You want it for what ?


Np, I just want it framed and hung up somewhere. Please let me know if you do any more!?


@Slade okay i see, nice you want do that but unfortunately, for now, i don’t share my artworks to be printed. it will be maybe in my futur redbubble shop. sorry mate.
Yes i will do certainly more fan art conan soon


It would be nice if the game added an interactive boot menu with such arts. Good job.


haha i’m honored by your comment @Baldr Thank you mate!