My friends chracater is stuck he cant move

Hi my friend has a problem with his chracter hes stuck in every oficial server he cant move and if he moves he spawns back again in the same spot he cant play the game is there anything to do about it ?

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Hi someone is having the same issue on xbox:

P.s. It’s a good idea to upload technical info like: console type, connection type, ping etc.

You can try kicking your friends character, it used to work a long time ago.

Hey @hazeit43

It seems your friends character is stuck on a desync state from the server. To solve this, the common workaround is to remove the bracelet. This will kill the character so make sure to keep the inventory somewhere safe before doing this.
This issue is also generally resolved once the server restarts.

Its been like this since a month we have been trying to work around it we tried kicking we tried the bracelet nothing is working he always spawns back to desert and cant move and its only on oficials on non oficials everything works normaly we really dont know what to do anymore he also has reinstalled the game 4 times in hopes it has to do with the ps … is there any other way to solve this we have tried what u guys have said to try and still hes is stuck moves 1 m and glitches back again when he takes of the bracelet he spawns in but cant move … its really anoying and since he installed the game over and over again it cant be nothing to do with the ps or the conection since he can play in non oficcials perfectly… would be cool to find an answer to this problem


Thanks for answers !!!<3!!!

I could give the friends data if u want to look into it…?

Was your friend in the process of doing something in particular? Like chopping trees, breaking a big stone, etc.

Sometimes my character would get stuck rubberbanding to trees and stone and would have to find the exact object and destroy/harvest it.

No men hes completly stuck nothing works we tried taking of the bracelet and he spawns in bed and still cant move doesnt matter where he spawns he cant move cant kick him either its a really weird glitch we tried everything … its really weird an there seems to be no answer to it he cant play the game. But thanks :wink:

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It is not the conection or the ps everything works perfectly on non oficials, its really weird somehow only stuck on official servers and we tried alot of servers hes stuck in every server thats oficial…:thinking:

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Its quite frustrating guys if someone knows a fix for this please let me know!! Thanks !!!<3

Need an answer guys this is not normal…

My character has exactly same issues you mentioned.
I can’t play on any official servers since last November.

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