My game is broken

The game freezes and crashes every 20-40 minutes.

Does someone have similar problems with the game? How to fix?

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Are you having issues in any other games? Does your system lock up completely or can you still close the game?

Is your GPU fan running?

Good luck getting a reply here. I’ve been waiting for days.

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Although it said on the steam forums that they would not be replying much there anymore I do see replies from a couple of days ago there vs 1 thread with a dev reply here. Maybe a community manager might pass your post along if you make it there too Chicken.

It’s not like this forum moves so fast they couldn’t have a person occasionally just reply with “we’ve seen your post and will get back to you” or “we need X Y Z information” or “we’ll have a fix in a future patch”. I see threads going back to December with 0 replies.

It has been said in other replies that the devs have moved on to other projects. I’m just sorry I lost 12$ on it from Humble Bundle.

Yeah, I’ve seen several posts from December about how their game is freezing and no replies at all.

This really sucks. No wonder it appeared so quickly in the monthly humble bundle!

That’s where I got it after seeing some youtubers reviewing as a good game that we should try it out. I thought “12$ for it + 2 games. Why not?”

Well, now I know why not lol