My players are plagued with issues trying to log on my server(s)

Game mode: Private Server
Type of issue: Errors
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US
Mods?: Yes

Bug Description:

Players are sometimes able to log in to my server , but most of them have to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to ALL mods to fix the infinite login issue. Others are getting fatal error issues and BattlEye bad service revision errors. This all started right after CE patch 3.0

All mods are up to date.

Installed Mods:

Better Thralls
Better Surges
Extreme Exiles
Litman Stacks

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Check Conan Exiles client for mod updates or patches (review downloads).
  2. Verify CONTENT FILE LOCKED is not showing on downloads for CE.
  3. Run CE Launcher and browse to server and attempt to join.
  4. client will run through cutscenes and flash the mod list then restart the process over and over again.
  5. unsubscribed from all mods then re-subscribed (sometimes works)
  6. experience a fatal error - reboot.
  7. Experience a BattleEye Bad service revision error - reboot.
  8. I reboot my servers 2x daily and upon mod updates - some users are able to log in just fine. Others have to go through troubleshooting steps to finally get logged in. This occurs DAILY.

youre not the only server getting this i found one way was to unsub from any mod while the game is looping wait until it shows its starting to dl a mod ,kill the game in task manager,restart steam so it downloads the mod then login game

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