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Let me setup the background to my problem. According to Steam I currently have 3,626 hours logged on Conan Exiles. Due to a hard drive crash I’m been playing Conan Exiles on my laptop for well over a year. Recently I purchased an new 2TB SSD hard drive an got my big computer back up. However, I can’t logon to my server on the big computer. I was able for a short time but it didn’t recognize that I had all the DLCs and could only play with/use only the basic gear/building material. Now I my 2 servers and the others I play in are grayed out showing them locked and I can only log into others I’ve never been in. I can still play on my servers on the Laptop without any restrictions. Was there some file I forgot to transfer over from the laptop to my big computer. If so what is that file and where does it live. See attached pictures.

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Hmmm nasty one.

I see you have checked “show invalid servers” so the game thinks there is a mismatch between their builds and your machines.

Can we assume you have done a full file verification on your rebuilt PC’s installation and (I assume you are owner/admin) rebooted those servers to eliminate if they are not up to date?

When I get a chance later I’ll look for those servers see how they are presenting to my client independently (Valid/Invalid I mean) see if that highlights something?

My instinct (And I hate to say this!) is that a full reinstall of CE on your Desktop may be needed as I recon something in their not updating (I doubt it was anything you did the database file that holds private local games is fairly robust even if from older version so there was nothing much you could have missed out)

OK Logged in and looked for your “Harby’s” servers both immediately came up in the list and showed compatable to my (*Up to date and fully patched) Client. SO Its not them with the fault as you suspected.

So I stand by my earlier comment the client is suffering from a miss-patch. You cold spend a heap of time troubleshooting it but honestly I’d do a reinstall into a clean folder on your fastest performing SSD ideally not the windows drive to put the iceing on the cake.

When that’s done copy over your save game db and give it another go.

Good luck!

Thank you for the help. Your recommendation of a reinstall did the trick.

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Sad that tis often thus… I mean all software ought to cumulative patch even after a long break but in my experience it just doesn’t and I cant even blame FC for that! Seems to be universal (In my sphere anyhoo!)

Happy Barbarinising on your rebuilt machine!

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