My record on saga of blood


hey so i think i got rewards on atlantean shards max for saga
unlucky my i wont be able to claim last chance for beating it
anyone got even close?



Nope :confused:


damn… how did ya!!!
im always unlucky with lottery boxes, those damn rf caches giving mostly t3 relics too :frowning:
anyway gratz


I have 345 Atlantean shards, just from dailies and purple boxes, I guess it’s about luck. Can’t share screenshot bc server offline :smiley:


yeah you too
i got The Vigiliant title btw
seems my luck but today opened 2 blood caches, and got rare skin & demo vanity so i cant tell bad now abotu it ;/
anyway GG guys it was great fun


It’s pretty hilarious that people have 300 shards after a whole saga


well i remember at first i thought damn its possible to earn rf ring here … so i wear my ■■■ off doing it …
and at end this ;/