My role is banned because of its name, please help me delete my role


I have created a role in the Asian server 1336, because the name of the role is unqualified and is banned. Please help me delete the role. I need to create the role again. Thank you.


My steam name::scorpius:

Can no one help me?

I for one don’t even know what you’re talking about.

I created a role in a server, but I was banned because my name was unqualified, but I couldn’t delete my role myself, so I wanted to find an administrator to help me delete my role.

What, in this context, is a role?

Please help me. @Jens_Erik @Spynosaur_Nicole @Glurin

Don’t understand what you mean.

In your OP, you created a “role.” We don’t understand what a “role” refers to.

@hello0805, I am assuming that english isn’t your first language. What people are trying to say is that ‘roles’ are something that normally don’t appear in the game.

Is it possible for you to describe what you mean by a ‘role’? Were you assigned a role as a crafter, a fighter, a gatherer, etc?

Would it be easier for you to tell us in your native language, and have bilingual players, or even just Google Translate, work its magic for us so we can help you?

The role is the one who enters the game.

The role is me in the game

Recreate your character? There is an option to do that on the menu.

I can’t get to that server, so I can’t delete him and recreate it.

Ah, now I understand your issue.

Thank you

Hey @hello0805

There is no automatic bans because of selected player name. If you truly are banned, it will pop up as a message when you try to join the server. In that case, blocking you from accessing that server is the intended situation. Otherwise, it could be a temporary connection problem. Try joining another server and see if it works correctly there.


Is this on an official server? If it is not an official server you should probably contact the admins of that server via discord or something similar.

Probablity is high he/she is from china and probably had a name sth with “winnie pu” :smiley: And thats a nogo there…

Also when you are banned, you are banned. Not only your “role” (=character) but your ACCOUNT (on PC your steam id).
As long as the admin does not unban you, you cannot play there anymore…

But good question who can ban someone at an offical server…