MY saved game not found in single player

My saved game not found. I have been playing for months on single player. My avatar name is SilverStorm6. Plus, my knowledge has been messed with. I have used 580 points and now have to relearn most of the crafting I already learned previously.

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Welcome to the Forum. You can file a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom com. I don’t know how or if they can help you. There are others with the same problem.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. The forum is still the correct and only place we receive bug reports.
We mostly only ask players to go to the Help center if we suspect there’s something to do with their accounts.

Can you share more information with us, please?

Is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

When you finish your play session do you usually completely exit the game and shut down your console or do you leave it on stand-by?

We hope to hear back from you.


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