My server is´nt listed by the server-browser

Since a few days my Server (hostet by G-Portal) are not listet. Why?
G-Portal even don´t know why, they find no reason
So what can i do, because the players can only with the ip direct join.


Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has an official word on the issue yet. Seems to be popping up randomly and growing in numbers. Not the worst bug but, yes, I understand the aggravation. I’m sure one of the threads on this matter will take off (if the matter persists) and that may be one avenue of information, as it becomes available.

I want to say because it is G-Portal :stuck_out_tongue:

But in reality, it could be due to the server needing a restart. Whenever there is a server issue first thing you should do is reconnect to the server. Then restart the game and then reconnect. Then finally you should restart the server.

If none of that helps, then some other unique troubleshooting methods might be in order. Also when asking for help on server issues, let us know which mods you are using, including the order. Indicate you are not using mods if that is the case. That’s usually the first question that is asked.

Did the issue start today?

Are they even supposed to show up? We ran a vanilla default dedicated server for 6 or 7 months and it never once showed up - always had to join by IP. I just thought that if you’re weren’t renting then you couldn’t be listed. Is that wrong?

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