My toon freezes everytime i enter the sector/lox areas

just recently in the past week or so i havent been able to bring one of my toons on my account to any of the arid/sector/lox areas because it freezes every time. ive tried deleting all the files completely and reinstalling AO, using a different pc to log into my toon literally everything. all my other toons on that account and all my other accounts dont have this problem besides this one specific toon and im really not sure what to do.

Try to use the different client to see if that does anything.

If you use the new client, try the old client.
If you use the old client, try the new client.

Most people experiencing these kind of problems are using the new client, with the old client they don’t seem to have these problems.

Edit; I noticed you said it’s only a specific toon. There might be something wrong/bugged with your toon and you’ll have to petition it to get it fixed. I had this happening when one of my toons suddenly got bugged zoning into a certain RK zone and insta-crashed and I was unable to ever get that toon back online (it would get stuck on loading screen forever) i had to petition to get it fixed, so you might want to give that a try.

Sounds like you have a ghost of that toon inside lox, petition stuck in geometry and see if they can remove the ghost for you.

Thanks for your guy’s replies and yeah i just got a response from my petition i made and they said that they dont see why my toon is having this problem. I guess ill just have to wait it out and see if this problem is fixed or take the L and loss of a thousand+ hrs of game time and start transitioning to a different game to play in my free time