My wishlist after hunderts of hours in one of my favorite game ever

sorry no spellcheck done, not english native either so here it is anyways:


  • except set all avatars do too little damage to buildings
  • set avatar is so strong it ignors all structures with his fast attack destroying all stucktures in attack range at once
  • avatars will however hit trough walls and destroy items inside the base
  • inner bubble is attackable,…
  • to compat potential dupes limit the amount of avatars by player
    adhoc solution: avatars needs to be disable and tested on testlive untill it is all fixed

other bugs

  • avatar protection bubble causing peformance issues
  • implement missing lvl4 thralls
  • fix lvl 4 thralls so they can craft flawless epic
  • please fix purges for offical servers (or make it so you can summon a purge on top of normal purges)
  • latest patch introduced massive server lag on officals, sorry I have no more details but it’s almost unplayable for most of us joining a Uk server from within EU one US Guy said there was no issue for him.

improved amorer bench should replace normal one

  • yellow lotus keep feats but make it more expansive or very very heavy or even stationarry so you can not skill on the battlefield.
  • making high level gear is too cumbersome and people opt out and prefer running with normal gear, keep the recources but streamline the crafting process
  • ladders should not drain stamina
  • elevator speed needs to be at least doubled


  • obsidian tools too good or star metal too lackluster
  • t3 blackice building parts to cheap compared to standard t3 make it so you need backice instead of ichor and twine
  • propperly implement all flawless amor types to combat silent legion
  • penalize naked play make it so you are slower so you cant run away (cut stamina in half or lower movement speed by 20% or something) naked play too strong at the moment
  • dragon bone weapons are to strong or too easy to optain (I dont have anithing again easy pvp gear access but it does not compare
  • vaults balace them or limit them
  • sickle harvests way to much plant fiber balance the tool tiers and include iron sickle
  • remove super mario perk
  • game is too easy for lvl60 player you can solo dungeons naked and there is very little reason to kill them a second time. maybe introduce a hardmode!

encurage online raiding, make a little time in a way that you can not repair or build when under attack (one minute should be enough for a start)

  • maybe: let the clans define attack windows individually. once a week or so with CD timer and public avaialbe (but still only allow them to spread the window like from 3pm to 1am) or something) to create some RL balance.
  • make it so that vandalisim is costly meaing if you destroy crafting stations and other stuff you get somehow penalized in some aspekt of the game. (like in EVe or something) this will ecourage players to rebuild
  • SMS alert with event log alerts :slight_smile:


  • make it so running away is an option you have to skill into like you sacrefice all the strength you have in order to run away in pvp but you lose some QoL in exchange like the 1st strenghth perk + most of your vitality. you can still farm or be ganked but struggle in PVE encounters.
  • introduce working gap closer to catch people without the running away perk, current pvp is not very rewarding
  • first attack should not root attacker in place


  • allow simple scripts to be used, like to open up a piggy bank for donors or trade items or food or whatever. or to create riddles or little games. this will go along way with RP
  • remove the lvl3 Altar marker on the map (pointless) but include the presense of an archpriest (conferted or not converted)

Testlive servers where around since 2017. This changed nothing. In fact, I can’t remember anything first put on Testlive and then changed/balanced in the way players asked for before going live.

have hope and stay positive :slight_smile: at least we have the option to download testlive and test the avatars in singleplayer to provide feedback. after that it is up to funcom

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