Bug fixes are needed soon! the big five

Hello everyone,

This is a suggestion that a patch is needed soon! People are leaving because they feel that nothing is getting fixed.

I’m panicking a little because of new stuff getting announced, when bug fixes is what is needed. I do understand that in Funcom there is different teams working on different stuff but there are some critical things that must be fixed for the game to continue.

  • Thralls must work!(fix Ai not responding and base defense)
  • Game pvp balance (Damage vs armor vs class)
  • Game pve balance (hp vs damage vs buildings)
  • naked penalty (Stop the naked exploration abuse)
  • Fix the most abusive stuff like Magic carpet bug and that you can stop a combo by removing weapon!

Those are the big five atm!

I know there are a lot of other bugs but they should be critical for the game play.

  1. for sure. Better AI would be a must. and more options while you are at it…

  2. No pvp balance any more you did enough damage for the sake of PVP already.

  3. What the hell is this guy talking about? just make em bows better.

  4. Balance the clothes vs temperatures better… so naked characters should die faster while well clothed characters should be buffed a bit no matter what am I wearing some areas are still give me frostbite or overheating and it makes climbing and healing almost unusefull.
    Even in flawless zamoran(cold resist armor), and or epic flawless exiles armor(heat resist armor).

BTW fix the thralls not working / non existent in the game bug first. I mean There is no way one can get a flawless epic zamoran stuff not even with Irniz of the Furnace because she refuses to make the flawless epic set on the advanced armor bench.
Also with the bugged purge… there is no way to get the legendary repair kits so no legendary weapons are repairable atm.

  1. that is okay-ish, but we have MORE IMPORTANT BUGS… weapon racks, shield displays not working on Official servers!!!
    Thralls fall below foundations (dancers, archers, fighters)

Also there is a lot of bugs including killed thrall’s bodies and player bodies disappearing sometimes not even come back with a relog… unconcious bodies dies within safe walls and gear lost when logging back in… etc.

Also there is a bug with the basic materials for the fish displays… you need unappetizing fish to make the exotic fish trophy and vice versa…

Game feels like if it were back in EA…

Oh and bows. make those things great again already.
Blunted arrows don’t work either…

game optimizations etc…

So please Squash those bugs first and do it fast otherwise ppl will start to play another game which is more polished and offers the same kinda experience like ark, forest…etc.

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  1. What the hell is this guy talking about? just make em bows better.

  2. Game pve balance (hp vs damage vs buildings)

I was thinking about the abuse of placing spikes to do open world bosses. This makes it way to easy to kill them :stuck_out_tongue: I was also thinking that the boss in the Frost keep is to easy considering you get an op armor. Stuff like that… :slight_smile:

Okay that part is kinda makes sense.
Although… Keep in mind there are single players in the mix too.
Taking away all of their options to kill a worldboss is not a good option imho. :smiley:

If you find it too easy just don’t use spikes :smiley:

Anyway I would welcome one change in this regard. on PVE!
There should be a 10-20 foundation “non build” area around the bosses spawnpoints.
(edit here: OR EVEN BETTER World bosses should have a permanent ability to hurt buldings in their supposed range and they should do it after a forced respawn if they are trapped or building in that agroo range exists.)

In this way no fools/greefers can prevent spawning those precious Keyholders.

But still would allow useage of spikes if you can lure the boss away a bit. :smiley:

in regards to Kingscourge… you don’t even need to kill him/her to get that armor.
and tbh to kill him/her is hard in first some try… :smiley:
After oyu learned the patterns everything is becomes eazy. No balance needed in that… other than make a better AI. :smiley: Which was nr1 on your list :smiley:

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I agree with this and making the AI better would fix a lot. He should be able to break your block if you keep blocking with a shield :slight_smile:

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