Nah. Ain't no way. You can't make this up

They throw these half-assed “fixes” spit n slap them together and say launch it. Gazelle running away was more important than some actual game breaking issues? Game literally reverted back to Alpha state since AoW Ch4. I know Skyrim mods that have more quality testing than this game. What is happening here?

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I have few ideas:
-not enough competent staff that know game making
-no testers/no time/no will for proper testing updates before release - use us a community mob, to be free beta testers
-lost passion for game making

Also this youtuber point each thing that not work in funcom properly durning chapter 4 dev stream release:
My Thoughts on Age of War Chapter 4 | Conan Exiles (

I agree. Bazaritems like the gibbet worked this morning and now … Boom vanished. Craftable? nahaaaah. Creative mode? Hey you can select them … Placeable? Aahahhaaaaa

Just a clownshow at that moment. Please fix this game… Please fix this shate

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