Named thrall hunt - does anyone have the locations of these thralls?

Can someone pinpoint a map location of the thralls below (as best as possible)?

Artificer Galen
Teph Steeped-In-Fire
Hap-Zepet Forgeguard
Steelbender Hagar
Rakh Irontooth
Wright Fortis
Imis Stained Blade
Herman Von Blat
Farrier Ulphur
Tull Coppertongue
Master Crafter Shanya
Smith Raden
Master Blacksmith Ulfric
Gircan Ironbender
Bernard the Artisan
Sassan Anvilbreaker

They are not in game as of yet

The ones not in game appear with purges. I have gotten Galen, Shanya, and Hagar from purges

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