Add more named thrall hubs!

As it is now there are 3 places to get farm to get named crafting thralls, the Black Galleon, Sepermeru, and the Volcano. I know some will say New Asagard but they are so few there that it is not really worth it. So as it is now you get Wheel of Pains farms all around these 3 locations to get crafting thralls. There need to be more locations where named crafting thralls can be found. expecially with them falling through the ground if you travel any distance with them. And get rid of the idea of getting the legendary named thralls from purges. Purges are too few and not the time to be trying to collect thralls. Additionally the areas you have to be in to get a chance for a purge with named thralls are way too limited. Get rid of that and sprinkle them all over the lands in ALL areas of the map.