Named Thrall spawn in The Den appears to have been broken after the last update

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Broken Thrall Spawn
Server type: Official PVE 1017
Region: EU

Since the last patch the thrall spawn in The Den appears to have been broken. It specifically affects the spawns of the following named thralls: Talitha Goldfingers, Yael of Shem, Llarn Steeltoe and Legendary Armorer. All these named spawns had a specific placeholder spawn of the same type aka Armorer, Blacksmith and Smelter of various tiers. These spawns have now been randomized and I have seen dancers, cooks, tanners and carpenters spawn on these spots instead. I believe this prevents the named spawns from appearing. I have been killing the random spawns in The Den for a few days now and I have not been able to get the above mentioned named thralls to spawn. I believe something got messed up in the spawn table when the new Priests were added.

I don’t believe the named dancer spawns are affected. I have managed to get Sadeh the Lithe to spawn twice in a row today, though not at her usual spawn point. I will try and see if I can Ionna the Seductress to spawn as well.

On a side note, old named taskmaster spawns that have not spawned in The Den since the early days of early access are now back. So that spawn is at least working again as it should.

I do not know if this issues affects other server or single player. I have only been playing on EU Official 1017 PVE since the last update.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to The Den
  2. Check the spawn locations
  3. Kill the random spawns and wait for a respawn
  4. See how the above mentioned named Thralls or their fixed placeholders won’t spawn as intended and more random Thralls will spawn instead.

Same on my server PVE-C official 1042, at Den only spawn Named Jabbal Sag priest over and over again.

No it isn’t. A T4 spawn will always have a placeholder of the same type. For instance an T4 blacksmith will have always have a T1 -T3 blacksmith spawn as a placeholder. This is the case for all the T4 spawns in the game. In The Den the place holder spawn is broken with random types spawning thus also removing the possibility of a T4 spawning.

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Do you have a link to back up your claim? Because it doesn’t seem implemented consistently within The Den. Some spots still always spawn the same type of NPC. Only the tier is random, but not the type.

If it was intented it is very a poorly designed system. Because the chance of the T4’s I mentioned showing up in the Den is now close to 0%.

@Tascha Is this indeed intended?

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If this was intentional, the problem with The Den is that Funcom did a half job on it. Some spawns are still fixed like they were and still are in places like Sepermeru and the Black Galleon. Like the taskmaster, tanner and carpenter spawns. They are still always that type. Only the tier varies. The location with anvil that used to have a blacksmith and smelter for instance is now randomized. Now I often see a dancer or cook hammering the anvil like a smith. If this was intentional Funcom did not remove the blacksmith emote from the thrall spawning next to the anvil. xD

Also the Priest spawn there? Ridculous. I got 5 Archpriests and 3 named ones in just a few days there. But the spawns for Talitha Goldfingers, Yael of Shem, Llarn Steeltoe and Legendary Armorer appear to have been completely borked. So, intentional or not, The Den spawn is a mess.

Anyway, I will keep hitting the place and see if I can get Talitha Goldfingers, Yael of Shem, Llarn Steeltoe and Legendary Armorer to spawn or not.

Edit: I am still waiting for that link. I couldn’t find anything in the various patch notes about these changes to The Den.

We’ll see. So far you are not providing me with a link that can let me read up on Funcom’s intentions concerning Thralls, so for now this bug reports stands.

But if what you say is true, they are killing this game for the casual player. But that is just my opinion.

Well, in that case they should randomize all the crafter spawns in The Den not half of them, plus communicate things properly! If I communicated to my clients like this I would be out of business quick with my little lawfirm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, even casual players like to play Pokemon when they have a few days off from working. :wink:

Well, I did some more testing and because the spawn is only partially randomized Carpenters, Dancers and Tanners are now overrepresented in the crafter thralls that do spawn. So the chance of the named Thralls, I have mentioned before, spawning is near if not at 0%. I do believe The Den needs more tweaking. Either randomize all crafter spawns or keep them fixed as they were, but not this half-baked situation. Consistency is key to making either option work well.

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