[Necromancer] Reanimation Feats and Pets

Necromancer Reanimation Tree has various feats which are effective for only specific pets. So what about the feats which were invested for pets we no more use?

For example, we invest 3 points in Grim Corruptor feat to improve Corruptor minion. But when I use Blighted One replacing Corruptor, are not the 3 points in Grim Corruptor going to waste?

Or do I have to use each of pets in army.

And is it like Mutilator < Corruptor < Blighted One < Necrotic Bomb < Harvester < Life-Stealer according to capacity to inflict damage on enemies?

Forget about those feats, they are sh*t anyway. Just respec and never use them again. :grin:

Check this post for the capabilities of the different kinds of pets. :wink:

Usually, when I play solo, I either use 2 Blood Arcanists or 2 Life Stealers and 3 Reapers. The first option has more aoe, the second lets me use the pet-sacrificing fear without losing too much.

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