Nab Necro Question

I run a pet spec.

What buff is “optimal”, Sets cold Hatred, Blasphemy, Sets Ruin? and why :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

You did not specify what pets - caster or melee? Also you run them for what - dungeons, raids, pvp, leveling?
It would help a lot if you post your build here as well.

I run exclusively Cold Hatred cause it give crit rating (which is nice), and pets get half of it (which is also nice). You can run the other two buffs, if you need little extra more fire-cold-ele / un-holy protection for something.

I run this build.


Usually use 6 Mutilators, 2 blighted (Advice on pets is also welcome)

I only do 6 Mans and Raids.

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The pets you’re using are fine. However, I don’t see why to feat Grim Corruptor then. I’d move those points to Deathly Resilience: some protection is better than a boost to pets you don’t even use, right? :wink:


Isn’t blasphemy the best? Won’t the extra procs on f2w do more damage than any of the other options?

i usually use blasphemy cos of extra ticks of dot, that also inc the procc of insta icestrike :slight_smile:

What Yawg said. Other than that, build looks fine.

I always preferred using blasphemy, for the same reasons Moriala pointed out.

Always went with the ice buff in PvE, my idea was that the extra proc on ftw won’t offset the extra crit chance you get when it comes to the insta ice strike (it has a 10sec internal cd anyway) and you can keep the extra pet dmg buff always up by rotating pblast and blasph ruins.
Should maybe parse it though, just need an afk tos to be at least a little bit realistic :smiley:

Yeah, it would definitely be interesting.

My thought was that if you get 1 or 2 extra F2w procs, you’re already obtaining a higher net gain of DPS than from the +8 or whatever it is pet damage from Set’s Cold Hatred. And if you get really lucky, f2w will proc a lot more, doing around 1000 extra damage every F2W.

Maybe with blighted ones the Set’s Cold Hatred pet damage buff is good, as they attack faster, allowing that damage buff to play a larger role. But I doubt SCH adds as much damage as blasphemy!

Thanks all for the info and feedback!

Seems to be a decent improvement in dps from whats be suggested.

Is there an optimal rotation?

I currently, do Worms - Devourer - PB - Chill - PB - IceStrike (x2 if i have a freebie) - Chill - PB etc…etc… Spam cannibilism, Lifestrike when i need to and Spellweave where appropriate.

I usually hit around 4th place on the Parser, but it seems like a lazy rotation as im missing out half the spells necros get. Be nice to get that number 1 spot with a few changes. :smiley:

Haven’t read the whole thread but only your last comment

From that you spam chill quite a lot. Let the PB almost run out and then chill
Mostly on single target just always have dots up, make sure your pets are on attack (unless u need to stop them) and spam ice strike

Also saying where you end up on parsers tells us nothing. This changes depending on the fights and who you play with. I can go into any RF and top parsers --> doesn’t mean I am playing good necessarily :smiley:

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Nah i fully understand the parser thing mate, was more of a general, “im there or there abouts with whom i raid with” kinda thing.

So basically less chill, more Ice Strike. Noted! :smiley:

My biggest tip is play aggressive. Learn when you’re allowed to spellweave and not. How many casters spellweave on Vistrix T5? 1 out of what, 50 maybe. Because they’re too afraid to get caught in any of the mechanics. I understand it though, a lot of stuff is happening there and it will cause raid wipes if you screw up (also keep in mind the tanks that cannot even hold over 1500 dps in there which are the majority of the tansk now a days, sadly :sweat_smile:) However, there’s a lot of room for spellweaving there as well as other fights. Not sure if anyone has posted it yet, but Necro can easily go into general and get misdirection and the -hate, which other dpsers should stay away from.

Also more about chill: If a boss is about to run away/get immune/die and PB is like 10 sec left, ofc u can use chill then. But other than that, try to let it almost time out before you blow it up with chill :smiley: Ice strike is also pretty good in aoe cuz of splash as you most likely know

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One with Death!

that’a a good way to walk arround half dead, and completely dead if a fly lands on your hat !

(yeah it was easy, i’m too bored, etc …)