Need a rollback on server 2132...everything gone..multiple clans

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2132

Bug Description:

Multiple bases completely gone upon login. Had a clanmate on 2 days ago and everything was fine. Login today and everything is gone. Event log says bunch lost stability but there’s no way that could of happened with how the build is. We need a rouncomfortable! It isn’t just our clan that has been affected by this

Bug Reproduction:

Login…see everything gone. Exclaim damn it funcom!


That server needs to be merged or something. Nothing but trouble.

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I’m on the server and am among the affected clans.

So server was down and came back. Tried to login and says some of us are on a temporary ban due to blocking building spots or resources. Our base wasnt blocking anything and anyone can run right past our building. And of course its gonna block building spots…cause we built there…otherwise people will build inside of other clans buildings. This makes absolutely no sense. Also how do you file a ban appeal on a server you are banned on? Cant login to goto the help menu to request a ban appeal.

Update: says im suppose to be unsuspended today…try loading in and still suspended…days almost over now

Greetings @Scumdog1980 ,

Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: