We urgently need a rollback in 2118

platform: xbox series s
game type: multiplayer
server type: pvp
region: EU
Map: exiled lands
server name: 2118

error description:
All the structures have disappeared, only some workbenches remain. in the game logs it appears: the objects have lost stability. I started section around 2:00 p.m. on the way back, I found myself without a base

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Is everyone affected or just your clan? If it’s your clan, there is a good chance you have been ToC enforced on. Next server restart should give you a better idea of what happened. If the entire server was affected, then it may be a bug on that server.

We were the most affected, the other clans had their structures erased to a lesser extent but their bases were not affected

This is not fair at all. If it’s about rules, other clans should also have their bases deleted since they supposedly violated the rules, since you have deleted some of their structures

Good morning .
if indeed your base was administratively erased following one or more complaints regarding the ToS, you honestly could not say “the others should also have been suspended”.
this is the typical behavior of the motorist who surprised by the police says "why me, the others also do it " .

If several clans/players on your server abuse the rules and they, unlike you, were not punished, just know that they were not reported.
I am sorry for your mishap but the rules that Funcom puts in place on the servers serve to allow everyone to play in good conditions.

It is however regretable that these rules are not clearly explicit and that certainly abuses reports .
If the problem you encounter not due to a suspension (all the server is affecting) like our friend @erjoh You tell you to contact FUNCOM support Zendesk

Hello, thanks for answering. What if the game, instead of allowing you to build where you shouldn’t, gave you a warning where you can’t build? We lost many hours of work due to this mishap, which is why many people prefer to abandon the game when the rules are not so clear.

:flushed:That didn’t come of right. Is there a suspension pending when I log in tonight? Should there have been a “said” after that?:cold_sweat:

Sorry, this is a bad translation. I meant “as said by @erjoh.
Thank you for showing me my mistake, my apologies.

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Just making a joke

Your English is quite good

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