Need help here. Nobody seems to have the answer

I watch different videos on thralls and pets and in stats there is information on the bottom right of the thrall stats that shows their prefered foods. My stat screen shows the bottom right but it’s blank. Anyone know if it’s a setting I don’t have on or could it be a mod? tks guys

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It is not a mod issue. The workaround which worked (haven’t checked today) was to load singleplayer, spawn a thrall or pet and open their inventory, if you see the diet, go to the main menu without exiting the game and join your server. You should be able to see the diet.

If you dont see it in singleplayer either, it works after feeding them some food and reopening their inventory. It is a known issue, hopefully fixed some time soon.


Tks very much

Well Narelle I did what you said and open my single player game and the thralls did have the info I was wondering where it was and now when I opened on my server my thralls has that info now. Tks so much for the info,

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