Need help to get my clan back

Official server 1750, me and my friend were both in the clan and he wanted to add another friend, but for some reason I couldn’t promote him to higher level to add others, the promote button was blank, so I clicked the blank button several times, no response, and suddenly I was kicked out of the clan, and my genius friend leaved clan to add me again, so now we are in a new clan, and all the builds and stuff are in the old clan with nobody in it, it was all happened at once we didn’t even have time to think before react, I didn’t know why I was kicked out of the clan since I was the clan leader. And now I’m homeless, can someone please help me with this problem to get my clan back?

As mentioned in the other thread, nothing can be done. All is lost. If you want to hear it from Funcom, send a ticket to ZenDesk and wait some weeks.

Don’t tell anyone on the server what you did, and be prepared to raid your own base once it goes into decay.

Everything owned by the clan, should have became the propriety of the last person to leave.

If your friend was last, and then made a new clan and invited you?
He is clan leader now, and the clan still owns everything.

it’s just the clan name on the buildings that wont change until a server restart.

Have you tried entering the base, or accessing any clan owned objects?

Could there have been another clan member you didn’t mention?
If there was anyone else in the clan when you both left, that person owns everything, even if that person was inactive.

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