Need help to smoke out some under meshers EU#1032

For the last month we have had a group of (apparently) chinese players that offline raid and hide under mesh.
My undermeshing abilities are almost none and i am planning to remain so.
I need a team of well versed anti meshers that can help our server. I am the only one that keeps them at bay atm but 3v1 raids with avatars are beginning to not be fun.
The server is EU#1032 on PC, Exile Lands.
Thanks in advance.
PS: the film has in description the screenshots and data.

@Community, you have admin right on officials servers, so monday morning you log on in this server 1032 and clean this + ban players. It is only 10 minutes of time.

Waiting for your confirmation that all is clear, thanks.

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In conan exploiters dont get banned.

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