Need more hard Npc

Npc in the game on the testlive is now very easy. They are easy to win. You need to make them stronger and more dangerous. Because this game is survival.
Some animals npc need add attack with debaff. For example, I would add bleeding to the attack of wolves.

From what I’ve seen in the dev streams creature AI will be improved upon by launch which will include new attacks as well. On the current testlive I actually did notice some already like the red dragons breathe fire now and have a charge/headbutt attack. I’m sure more will come.

Yes, as aramis said, this patch was “given” to us to test the potential of the pvp aspects of the new combat, not for playing pve, that should be coming next patch i assume.

I totally agree that the npc in general should be harder, bus as you said the aninals will have a rewamp. Not sure if they will rejust the hp and dps though. What i would like is to make more npc immune to bow so you need the melee fight. Easy to explain by too hard shell or armor on some. Good for some bossfights as well. Also i think its more inportant to make the end game npc harder, not the one in starting area

I remember seeing in the stream that currently the NPC are not calling for help, they should be calling for help by launch.

It sounds like the revamp is going to improve the difficulty, as well as prevent players from exploiting AI by standing on top of rocks. More ranged attacks, like the Red Dragon’s fire breath, and the Children of Jhil’s air blast attack.

If the rhino’s start climbing up trees or houses, I’ll be pissed…


I’m looking forward to the new combat system, ai improvements, and additional animations. From the descriptions coming from testive, it sounds like it’ll make the game more challenging and fun.

Yeah it’s really easy. Sometimes when you ■■■■ up though you get caught in combos from multiple opponents and your health disappears really fast.

It takes single t1 foundation to defeat strongest human NPC.

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In testlive of the game NPC become even easier. It’s annoying. A player can go to the city of npc and kill everyone. Npc does little damage and can not kill the player. It became very easy and very boring. In the battles there is no intrigue. For a game of survival is very bad. The game now is no survival if the devs continues to make an imbalance and make the game easier.

The volcano mobs. Lizzard people i belive seems quite hard. And the world spider is really bad ■■■. Looks like the real end game content it getting harder.

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