Need more work on the Main quest

Hello there

I’m almost at the end of the game/main quest (solo) and, even if it’s cool, I found it pretty messy and broken. Maybe the Journey should be rework to really put some goals, objectives, quest to do to discover the story of the Exiles land.
For example, when i went to the Frozen North, I don"t have any reason in term of story. I discovered statue of Tyros and lore stone of the Witch-queen without understanding anything. Same thing with the Barrow king : I killed it without knowing why, and I wasn’t more hyped by the story after that …
Same things for the volcano. I killed the serpent-man leader without knowing who he was, what was is role in this story, why the hell this volcano was the home of serpent men …

To resume : You have a good story, with almost all important moment and location and good Howard references, but it doesn"t really work in term of progression. Rework the Journey to push player on the story in the right order, so he can understand this mess.

Thanks for all, and sorry for the bad english.

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