Story / storyline, quests and goals - Story of Conan Exiles?

I find that there is a story missing in the game, an epic story, the context of the story (if it exists) and a clear historical plot of goals to be achieved.

The journey menu is not clear about what to do, other than things like harvesting something, making something else and using something else again… etc.

For example, where I am, I woke up something, a “spirit” that speaks through a stick (staff) of the Triumvirate, I think he told me about 3 people (I don’t remember everything, and he doesn’t want to tell me anything more other than an unimportant sentence, which just speaks of an archivist), and a priori the “stick” needs a map to find its bearings.

But before that, is there nothing else to do ?

I like to know and understand the path of a story, and there I don’t understand anything ! I don’t know the steps, the context and the storyline, and it disturbs me. So, I’m wandering in the Land of the Exiles aimlessly, without knowing a minimum of what is happening in this region and without having clear progressive goals !

What is the story of Conan Exiles ?

Is there at least one ?

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There is a story, it’s on lore stones and journal entries scattered around the map. The stones glow with neon writing when you get close to them. The journal entries are easy to miss unless you know where to look. Also there seems to be an order to them , don’t know what though so the “story” can seem quite disjointed.

Everyone says that, and everyone knows almost nothing about Conan Exiles’ story.

I found some of these notes or diaries, as others have done, but no one is able to reconstruct the puzzle, no one is able to remember each of these diaries, and that these newspapers tell.

Because they are scattered to the four corners of the world, to places that are difficult to find, and because they are more enigmatic and obscure, because already every journal is never very clear, and because nobody took the time to copy each note or journal, and thus to assemble the story …

I have browsed many English and French sites (I am French), and watched videos of Youtubers who play and explain a lot about the game, but no site or anyone knows anything about the story. There are just some who only know how to remove the bracelet, in other words the end of the game, but nothing else besides that, it’s still a problem, no !??

So, in conclusion, nobody knows anything, and everyone doesn’t care !

OK, so the game has no story ! And I don’t like it !

And so too, the game makes sense only playing in a group, in Mutiplayer (it may not be an MMO but it is still multi-player and it is recommended to play in a group), otherwise to play alone, without history, is not very interesting !

I think I summed up the only “goal” of this game… playing with other players !
Thanks for the help ! :slight_smile:

What this game has is a lot of individual notes and tales from a lot of different beings. None of them make a complete story.

This Is fine for this game.

What they do make is several different stories of the land and its history.

The unfortunate thing is that there is no way in game to collect the stories in one place.
It would be very handy to be able to craft a journal that all of these stories could be copied to in some sort of order, making it possible to follow them.

As it is now, if you want to understand anything, you have to google the order of the lorestones or put all the notes in a chest and tread them in order.

I have been playing solo for quite some time, I have not discovered everything yet, and there are certainly a lot of things to do, but after understanding some things, having crafted an armor and a weapon, both epic and flawless, build a huge well-defended base, have it well decorated (or only partially), killed some boss, farmed hundreds of NPCs… etc., the game becomes redundant and forbidding, personal opinion.

And I personally feel the need to play as a group to fully enjoy the game and discover the rest of the world with people… Otherwise, the game loses its interest, personal opinion.

Yes, I totaly agree !

The games “story” is that your someone trapped in the exiled lands. If you want a story I would advise reading some of Robert e Howard’s tales about Conan and the hyborian age. Also would advise delving into a little bit of h.p. Love craft as well. A lot of the lore and story you are looking for would be there and it will give you a better setting for the game an help you figure out who put you in the exiled lands.


Actually, there are 2 stories in the game or it could be considered a frame story.

There is the story of the main character, rescued by Conan from the cross. Your story is to uncover a way to remove the bracelet without killing yourself.

The 2nd story or inner story is the history of the land, how it came to be and how it came to be in ruin. This is told through the stones, Journal entries you find and ghosts you pass along the way. It may not be easy to uncover but it is there.

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OK thanks.

there is an epic story of Razma and you get to meet her herself. As far as im concern what the story lacks is Lore with Conan himself. Like its so disjointed its not even funny. But never the less The story isnt complete yet we got new dungeon and 4 more on the way so perhaps when the game is nearing complete. The Lore will start to make sense. Although I do Wish that We had a sort of UI collection of Journal in our Character UI So that We could see what stories we have collected.

Also if you read some of the item that we use they have a nice little brief history behind each one.

Conan Exiles is like life.
Existence itself needs no justification. See the world through the eyes of a child, for a child cares not why it exists. It simply enjoys the immediate presence both in time and space.

Life is a party, and a party is what you make of it.

If you need guidance to find fulfillment, then you need only find that which does not fulfill you.

Failing that, you can play World of Warcraft, where all that you do is meticulously designed and holds your hands both narratively and mechanically.

OK, I understand, thanks.

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