Nemedian build set?

Is it safe to build with nemedian sets yet?

As safe as it can be, as any other. If nobody screws up again, it is.

So they no longer deteriorate rapidly or whatever was happening?

I used it recently with no problems. Everything still standing.


The last patch wasn’t a random glitch, it was a fix to the mesh of the Nemedian Foundations. The problem with changing meshes is anything placed on them will lose stability because the items think they are floating in air.

Anything placed on Nemedian Foundations after the patch will be placed with the new mesh in mind and will not lose stability.

Some people are spooked about using Nemedian foundations and won’t use them right now using other building styles instead. But ironically there’s a better chance of any other foundation getting its meshed fixed and having the issue in a future patch, even if that chance is infinitesimally low.

Play normally as you would. If you’re spooked and have access to the steam version (or know someone who does) you can take a database from live and try it on public beta whenever they push an update there to ensure nothing funny happens in the future. I might be doing this myself, but we’ll see as patches come.

Pretty sure it’s fine, but I’ve been building with fence foundations and ceiling tiles for some time. It’s more cost efficient and you can do some cool stuff like have your foundations on the side different from the floor you’re walking on. No more wood logs to look at. And yeah, I know you can put walls or fence foundations on the outside of foundations to hide it, but again, that’s still more costly.

They should just let foundations of the same tier share same properties, and give them different textures.
But they coded every foundation type seperately?
I just don’t… understand

Depends if people can deal with floating or sinking objects depending on which foundation is used.

I got bored from this set from various reasons. Not to mention that from my point of view the majority of online players online use it to build their bases. :smiley:

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