Nerf bow Damage (Maybe only in pvp) but bring back utility!

I main archer and I can three tap people in pvp in any kind of scenario against any kind of weapon (Including shields because you can get into melee and noclip yourself).

Reduce the damage, make it an “ok damage weapon” but bring back the Knock-Off and such stuff, it used to be so fun.


Well, you will need that to kill people in the next age, when everyone is just running or rolling.

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Lets see what happens in the age of war before calling for any more nerfs.

The real fix to any PvP problem is to have separate damage values for people and everything else. Nerfing the bow because of a PvP complaint would ruin it for PvE.


Don’t worry, you are getting what you want.
Bow armour penetration (for the ones with the impressive values) on the betas has been reduced significantly reduced.
There was also some noise about further degrading them in the future, to force a more melee focus.

So soon it will be entirely safe to walk (or should this one say roll) over the entire map without a care in the world as to whether you are wandering into a trap or have taken reasonable precautions for line of sight/line of affect. No more mushroom stomping, no more sniping, just water wings and roller skates.

As a bonus, mounted combat is a thing soon to be locked out of the present tense, as a single hit will dismount most anyone.

But don’t worry, there will be a new (old in many ways) meta to target for nerfing.

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