Nerf raiding again please

My take on the changes is this:

By reducing brimstone it’s making this particular resource more scarce and needed to be farmed more frequently leading to either conflict at the brimstone locations, or the chance of it already having been farmed.

This basically bottlenecks dragonpowder and steel production which in theory should reduce how much dp is being produced, but should also limit ALL forms of gigantic spammy t3 bases, for even the easier to obtain black ice still needs steel reinforcements.

I wasnt sure why DP had been reduced to 25 steelfire (with a t4 alchemist) but now its been returned to 100 it makes more sense.

I think dp was far too easy to farm up in ridiculous quantities - the brimstone reduction is a step in the right direction.

Now if they can do something about the vault spam…


From my experience, bombs deal around 10000 structural damage each to regular building block, and around 6000 to vaults specifically. But I have not raided since this update, so it is possible it has changed. But in any case, I do agree with the change to make doors a bit more vulnerable - maybe not quite as much, but definitely more than they used to be - and assuming brimstone is now also significantly harder to farm in large quantities, the steelfire cost reduction of bombs is called for and sensible.

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