New Agent Diviciacus

We got a new agent and it is clearly made for tanking. But would you find it usefull for leveling and story-content?Diviciacus

I don’t know if you would call him “new” - he’s been a login award as part of at least the last three equinox events (Druids of Avalon).
I can say this because if you have him already you get the special version. If you have the special version you get 2500 Anima shards. I received shards yesterday.

Also see

As for levelling/story content? I’m not sure what you mean. If you level him that far I guess he would help, but by the time you get him to level 25 you’re probably a good way through the story.

Far from new and he’s very not great for tanking for a specific reason. Ur-draug in Polaris. During the blue phase, you WILL get reflected damage back to you. Good luck to your healer.

But if we’re going on pure defensiveness alone, he’s 5th or 6th in the list. So not the worst, but not the best.

And his reflected damage is fairly weak, making it mostly useless even for solo content.

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Your % damage agents are better for story content. Your can level those first if that’s what you’re wondering.

He is only new to me then. I was wondering if I should use him instead of Oleg that i have currently equipped - but i guess not. Thanks for the replyes.

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