New and growing server - Battleborn Kingdoms:Devine Hierarchies

Battleborn Kingdoms: Devine Hierarchies (ps4)pve c

-This is a light role play server.

-Discord server for all setup for character to clan/kingdom.

  • 4 kingdoms and the Empire
  • Leaders are in Hierarchical sessions(vote)
  • Events: Arena 1x1 battles
  • Coliseum Clan/groups vs npc/clan
  • Racetrack: drags, follow the flag, laps.
  • Jousting on horseback
  • Labyrinth multi-floor maze with surprises to loot or maybe death
  • Dungeons loot and bosses
  • Neutral cities with workshops with max tier thralls for player to benefit crafting.

-No offline raiding immediately banned when raiding is off

No toxic admin fair

Build your kingdom only in designated areas on map capital in central surrounded by your city life and homes of your clan then surround that by outpost all around to defend your kingdom during weekend raids. Still got Time before we start that.

Weekdays is only pvp no building damage. For weekly events that could be held.

Weekends pvp and building damage for full gameplay. Purge system is in play all week.

Ranks are earned thru your clan.

Watch out for the empire if your caught doing anything wrong you might get a citation if your lucky otherwise consequences. Beat up jail death etc.

The Empire is over the lands they put on the events and they have the neutral cities. Soldiers may roam. Assassins may creep. Warriors may bring war.

Each kingdom has there on story:

Blue zone- Kingdom of Praetoria of the green plains .

Green zone- Kingdom of Krecia of the jungle. -Deinonites clan

Red zone - Kingdom of Crunada of the desert.

Purple zone- Kingdom of Vodor of the dark forest in the north and snow.

Clan names TBA under the kingdoms.

Who will you join ? What path will you take? There’s a Battleborn within you.

Let it out for your clan.

Not my pictures in video just cool ones for background will make a new video once I get pictures of what’s on this server

This has now become Battleborn Rivals. PVP, role-play. 70 slot server. Password protected.