PS4server recruiting players

Battleborn Kingdoms rp pve-c With pvp events and wars. Best of both worlds. Relaxed rp.
Check this out right here wanna play this a little bit different we are looking for more players to join the kingdoms in the battleborn kingdoms this is a
New ps4 server starting to pick up if you got ps4 and have or can get Conan exiles come join in and play a server that should change the gameplay and make it a competition the more that come and play the more will follow and the bigger and better we can change the whole game 5x exp 10x harvest slower drain rates on food/water

  • rotating clans which there will be 4 clans on roster at a time when after battles the loser clan falls to allow another clan to be introduced this allows competition to see who is the battleborn a clan has been undefeated a number of times not mentioned yet but a birthday and death day will be set for how long a clan kingdom last. The kingdom that last the longest will be the battleborn kingdom so a scorecard will be held in to show the places of each kingdom that came in and was defeated in war. Goal is don’t let your clan leader king queen chieftain die. Must protect while in battle first to fall clan fall.
  • Big groups that wanna come in this would still be ok for your group members that would still play together and or separate all you and things will rotate to where you could be playing for each other or against each other according to if you got on same clan or got on a separate clan. remember things will move around after every two weeks and things can change it keeps things interesting but must keep it fair. You could end up with you or one of your group as the clan leader of your group and gets your whole group on one clan but that’s the way of everything rotating and changing keeping it interesting.
  • Rankings 9 -Chieftain or king or queen
    The Chieftain ,king or queen represents and leads the tribe or clan .

8-Council / Warchiefs
These are the officers of the guild and members of the king’s Council. It is their job to help the king run the tribe. Each member leads their Packs (either Braves, Seers, Mystics, or Artisans) or etc in assigning duties and tasks, as well as teach what they know. The King and Council members choose who will join the Council. Members of Council may choose and train their successors, however approval from the rest of the Council is required.

7-Watcher/ Captain
These individuals have been selected to carry out certain tasks, or to lead certain sub-groups of people within the individual packs of the tribe or clan . They are not Council, and therefore do not vote on important Council Issues. However, they do have the ability to bring the concerns of the people to the Council, and thus allow them to be more informed on what the people of the tribe desire. These are junior officers whose goal is to promote random role play and greet new members.

6-Honored Kin /specialists soldiers
This rank is for tribe or the clan members that have shown loyalty and devotion to the tribe clan , and have done great deeds for its benefit. They serve as role models to the tribe, and are honored for that. Activity and seniority play a huge role in this. In order to become Honored Kin, gained through performing honorable acts within the tribe clan.

5-Kin /soldiers
This rank is for fully fledged members of the tribe clan that have undergone their Spirit Journeys. They are officially part of Tribe or clan family.

4-Aspirant/ recruits/ lowman
Newcomers and Greenhorns that have proven themselves to the tribe clan will be promoted to this rank, and prepare to undergo spirit journey.

3-GREENHORN / villagers
Newcomers that have entered the tribe or clan are given this starting rank. Newcomers have to prove that they are able and willing to be in the tribe, or clan as well as help out where they can while learning the ways and people of the tribe clan. Most importantly, newcomers have to form bonds with their new tribe-mates. To become a greenhorn.

This rank is for non-Tribe or clan mates who befriended members of the tribe that joined the tribe or clan and are learning or showing that they have a certain understanding of the tribes ways. Mainly language and the basics of everyday life, as well as the traditions and culture in general. Just like Others, they too must form bonds with their new tribe-mates.

  • 1-Associate
  • This rank is given to out-of-tribe characters who are permitted to be amongst them and in their walls They are not directly associated with the tribe, but they can be considered associates, hence the rank title. They may not advance in rank unless given an opportunity to join
  • competing in arena one on one fights
  • coliseum battles of group fights clan on clan and clan on beast/ npc
  • neutral towns with prebuilt work shops with highest tier thrall for crafting
  • unknown dungeons admin made around map
  • new stuff will pop up randomly loot boxes spawn around map including gold and silver and an admin shop will be implemented in the neutral area
  • when started every two weeks a war raid will be scheduled for battle in admin built buildings
  • Challenging purge system that will keep you on your toes
  • so much more coming
    I got three clans needing members to join each one To start the rotation periods and need a fourth clan and kingdom to have all clans in
    Clan 1 bloody knights
    Clan 2 thehiddenvillage
    Clan 3hoarfrost legion
    Come join in discord follow the three steps and get in to game and get recruited into the clan that fits you

Asap I wanna start streaming or recording the wars to record and replay the action to come and go for future to look back at all we’ve done.

come join discord to keep up with server and fill out the simple apps but as of now server is open come check it out find the welcome center h3 and server will only be open for a little bit and will eventually get locked again all are welcome.