BATTLEBORN KINGDOM'S brand new rp serverin

RolePlay server
PvP / PVE with wars associated to rp

Welcome to the Battleborn Kingdoms, where the mightiest warriors for their kingdoms. Kingdoms will grow at the mercy of the civilizations conquered. Wars will be fought , kingdoms wills fall , warriors will die , or be victorious and let your kingdom grow and take over the lands , some warriors when defeated or their kingdom has fallen , may sworn the allegiance to another kingdom to fight for them and live under their name and earn their rank by loyalty to their new clan. Will you be the mightiest warrior of all, will you be feared, will you rise up with your kingdom and be unconquerable. Will you be the Battleborn warrior with a kingdom that controls the whole land of the exile territory. Come Join our server bring your friends and see where you stand amongst the exiles left to survive, how will you survive in this set back in the day of conan and the world before it is now Roleplay server. Go back in time to be a character of your design, your backstory, in a civilization that has been long been lost in history…

no offline raiding

What this server has to offer

First off this server is brand new, we need people to join discord and stay in til it takes off joining in and leaving you’ll never know when it’ll take off. which seems difficult but not it keeps you connected with server host and server in case of issues or whats happening on server…so please follow steps and let people see that theres someone on it will grow.

Server is maxed out far as how many players can join.70+

Settings are balanced … Food water is cut down so it dont bother you as much.
Stamina cost is little lower set
Crafting .5 crafting cost .5
Thralls .5 thrall craft .5
Exp 5
Quicker n less farm time
10x harvest 5x exp halftime on crafting… 4 clans rotating thru domination when one clan gets defeated its replaced by one with new leader who put in a clan app and once picked can recruit the lost group members there will be two wars every weekend or every other weekend or once a month to see who’s clan is strongest and to see if any clan can be undefeated.

Now we will be doing things different than other servers.
4 kingdoms /clans, allows for bigger clans …each with a king
Discord is free and can be used on a computer or cell phone…simple to use.
Use discord to fill out a clan app which is 5 questions ,simple n easy.
Clan name. Kingdom name. Clan leaders name which would be character name and gamertag behind it in parenthesis please. Race. Religion. May even have city names in kingdoms. But just need kingdom name in app…
when a kingdom falls a new kingdom will take its place by admins picking a new clan from these clan apps probably from a drawhat. Who ever was the last king or clan leader can fill out a new clan app after the clan pick has been drawn. To keep things flowing and changing. Once a name of clan and kingdom has been used you have to choose a different clanname n kingdom. Cause like reallife once have been slain remains slain. With these settings and setup the server will keep rotating and keep changing giving everyonea new challenge everytime something changes.
But when you start game start as a lone warrior in the desert live on your own you’ll run across the clans in game now you’ll have to pick between fight or join or run from them according to how you Roleplay against the other clan. Then when you fill out clan app and your drawer for next clan then you’ll take the role and leave your current clan to start your own which you’ll use the one you filled out for. Each name of clan be used one time.

Character sheet n bio please fill out for your character also on a channel by that name write a summary about your character make up something to show where and who they were before being an exile and how they ended up in the exiled lands. Be unique.
Then fill out the other questions it ask for …
Character name
Age of character
Age of player
Gender for both
Check channel for rest of questions
Please dont create your clan in game til your chosen for your turn to be clan leader and king or queen . youll have to be recruited in another clan til your turn.
Once you’ve been chosen make a clan and try to recruit all those whos been casted out when their kingdom fell.
Each person will have their own way to govern their clan far as how they rank and fill their jobs amongst their members be a good leader or your followers will find a new home or clan. If you lose all your members whose to protect the king a clan will go slay you your clan falls if defeated.this is a war all wars are scheduled .use discord to keep up with wars and server gatherings where all players will gather for meeting.
Clans should use rankings to show whos leading the groups under the king. Someone should command their soldiers or fighters to protect the king. If a king survives a war war times will vary depending on avalibility of players and admin. 3hrs long by default til given a different time frame which could exceed up to 2 days.wars will be scheduled mostly weekends.
Idea of rankings could go like so…
King/ clan leader
These can be used or make up your own when your a leader.
We are using mics for communication in game please. Using the proximity chat to make like real life for roleplay. You can only hear the people around you.but so we speak in game. Those who dont have mics but wanna play get with me text me in dm on discord.
Might can let you play as a mute til you can get one…
But also good reason to have dicord on your phone. For comunication.

We will have an arena for trials and a colisium for competitions in gladiator fights, jousting, and verse beast.
Winners get a reward.
Public buildings are for all players they are not included for pvp. Please dont wreck em.
Goal is who can survive the longest or survive it all. Clan lifespans will be recorded. Clan start to clan falls.
Competitions and fights will be recorded in discord.

Be respectful and have fun. Im a fair admin slash server host. I spend lots of money to have fun with others so please follow rules which are simple.
Eventually we will start streaming our gameplay to twitch or other streaming programs. If you join our server you have the option to join the gaming community and play all games associated to our community.
Associated games -ps4 or computer
Division 2
Elder scrolls online

Games to come
No mans sky
Crew 2
7 days to die

On PS4 Add HICKXKUSH as a friend and ask for help to join