A new twist in Battleborn Kingdoms: Rivalries

A new revised BATTLEBORN KINGDOMS: RIVALRIES (ps4) 70 slots

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PVE-C was the goto but with settings we use and the way we are playing it was just easier to set it pvp cause gportal wont let settings stay we are not a full pvp server we are a mix and we Use a roleplay type system of conan mix with a risk (Board-game) style using the squares on map to get this server has


PVE PLAYER VS EVENT (check schedule)


This server started @ 8pm EST 04-06-2020

In the exiled lands across the desert and the Great Plains ,the dark forest, the jungle to the snowcap mountains around the volcano there is two kingdoms that have lived in prosperity. They had many many years of civilization of ancestors that worship the great Gods and had many celebrations and ceremonies that brought happiness and gave boundless destiniesfor those to follow under the high kings. But one day there has been a turn around when the kings fell ill and the kingdoms fell to the new Heirs to the thrones. Not knowing this was the doings of the Dark Sorcerer casting a poison upon them. Now putting blame amongst the other kingdoms , Now they are at odds and want to control the lands. Both reluctant to give all the they have to knock the other kingdom off the map. What kingdom are you from and stand behind in these times . Will you be the Battleborn of your kingdom that can help bring peace and prosperity back and after the lands are under the control of your kingdom.

Two kingdoms

Kingdom of Ebonheart of the Northwest in the lands amongst the dark forest and bottom of the snow capped mountains. This is the Ebonheart Pact

Kingdom of Daggerfall of the mid jungle in the south east. Not far from the great river. This is the DAGGERFALL COVEN.


Events and events structures to come

Random spawn events

Event structure Status
Coliseum in process
Arena Got it
Trap House Arena Got it
Mazes In process
Underwater maze Demo
Labyrinth In process
Racetracks. laps , derby, drags, sprints, obstacle courses All -Soon to come
Jousting Arena Got it
Dungeons soon to come

Random spawn events (all clans come together to fight the sorcerers scurge)

( a good way to collect thralls ) got it no structure needed just a designated spot for all to meet.

Npc clan Raid bases - they come to take over the lands devoted to taking out the four kingdoms fight off the npc clan (aka nothing personal clan) they are out to take over the kingdoms for the sorcerer and his followers. Can you keep them from taking over the exiled lands of the Battleborn Kingdoms

Npc crusaders control the lands residing in fortresses , go to war with them and destroy their fortress and kill and run off the plague of these ruthless bands of bandits , dragoons , pirates and other people with bad intentions to all the good people in the kingdoms .

This is a pve c server at certain times it may be under pvp according to the events. Pvp is done in competitive event’s involving taking over the another kingdom or any kingdom they can split in teams to attack all to take all or hope to take one or together one at a time while also keeping people back to defend there on this is the fourth weekend event the full raid event

Other weekends are other pvp events that are not full pvp to keep the pvp to less toxic arrangements.

Events schedules:Weekly events

Week one -of the month protect the keep ( not welcome center ea. Kingdom) protect the keep of your kingdom while sending some soldiers to drop the others keep to run the leader out and put them down.( the keep is the only thing allowed in building damage on this event)

Week two -of the month capture the flag

“Will give directions of this soon” will bs a flag on the front of the keep and you have to keep the other clan from getting it ( no building damage in this event)

Week three -of the month random build to conquer event where you will be given a block on the map say f8 all clans will go to that block remember through out the week you should have kept up with the schedule to remember to be prepared for this event should of darmed for the rught materials to build a fortress to defend and attack the other kingdoms to tear their fortress down and kill their leader and all there followers but the key is to destroy there whole base and kill the leader . An item that can only be spawned by admin will be given to all clan leaders that means leaders have to contain the one i gave them and the one i gave the other clan leader before match so a clan has to have the one off their kill and their leader must contain the one given in order to win. (No building damage on the kingdoms on this event)

Week four -full raid weekend-involving taking over the another kingdom or any kingdom they can split in teams to attack all to take all or hope to take one or together one at a time while also keeping people back to defend there on

Only event that allows kingdom building damage so kingdoms only have to rebuild once a month this is done so the pve players will fill better about it so they will be more glad to join in on the pvp events. The more they save the better.

(Any building damage on any of the kingdoms)

Join our discord and follow the steps which are found in the channels in the the left side in the scrolling area at the top in the steps to join server something’s will be subject to change but alot still applys.

Step 1 tells you rules and goals of the server and description of whats going on and tells about the kingdoms ranks basically all server details and it will have what to put in your character sheet.

Step 2 is the character sheet step where you would fill out the short questionnaire that describes your character which you would use during creating your character.

https://discord.gg/WxUnthe this is a link to get you setup in discord so you can get in the server to find your way your destiny in the kingdom you chose to make your home in the Battleborn Kingdoms: Rivalries Your path awaits you.


Music: Desolate Memories

Site: https://icons8.com/music/

New trailer For the battle born kingdoms Rivalries @everyone


All tiles except shaded ones are claimable by killing the npc clan that resides there then getting rid of their fortress and rebuild with your own and put your flags for ownership mark in discord under land claim channel for admins to mark. This is how the kingdoms will take over the lands . Who is stronger or more strategic.