Battleborn Kingdoms: Rivalries

Battleborn Kingdoms: Rivalries
Done playing Conan without a standout story line or the toxicity in pvp officials but want to have some pvp with your pve i know they say that pve c but theres no building damage well we got all that follows

  • Light Roleplay
  • No offline raiding/or admin abuse
  • Battle to claim land by tile system ( boardgame style like risk mixed with chess)
  • 2 Kingdoms that are rivalries n the npc clan lead by the dark sorcerer and his empire of naughty bosses you face (admin storylines for admin to participate outside of admin duties)
  • Maxed out server 70 slots
  • Videographer to create videos of your character and there own singled out storylines
  • Need dedicated players boardgames reset boards for another game expect we may periodically reset to play from start again through seasons or chapters does not include your personal builds in your kingdom pve area just tiles that are meant to be won and lose throughout this gameplay style
  • How many tiles can you take from the enemy map laid out for your discretion.
  • All kinds of events and the structures to go with it (arenas, mazes , underwater one)
  • Adminshop welcome center and neutral zone is as you come into game for a peaceful entry to game to find out which kingdom you choose.

Links for discord and
New trailers For the server
battleborn kingdoms Rivalries

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