New Attributes "Choice Selection" Broken?

Actually I spammed clicked all over the description area and it finally selected it. You would think the button needed to be pressed which is what I was doing.

I created a character in single player with the 3.0 testlive client. As I was leveling her up I was spending the attribute points but when I comes to the either/or selection I can’t select either one or even “choose later” . I went into admin mode to reset and try any of them but they all do this.

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It’s harder to click on than expected, I admit.

Hihi :grin: had the same “issue”. I intuitively tried to press the button.

Never had an issue with that. Could it be somehow related to resolution.

Hi @Divinia

As Narelle mentioned, could you please let us know what resolution you are using for your PC.

Thank you for helping us with this inforamtion.

Could also be scaling.

I don’t know if this helps, but I play on a large screen, so the button size is fine for me. But yes, they could be scaled up a little more and still look good (with a larger hit box).

Ive had this issue but I have a very wide screen 3440x1440

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Those of you who have issues can you also post some screenshots? Does it get better if you switch modes e.g. fullscreen to fullscreen windowed?

I am using:

and this is what I see (no issues selecting perks):

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